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Throw the eye-glasses in to the garbage bin!


Leírás: C:\Users\neurika\Desktop\SZEMtréning\3d_without_glasses.jpg Leírás: C:\Users\neurika\Desktop\SZEMtréning\Dr Bates.jpg Dr. Bates

Throw the eye–glasses  into  the  garbage  bin!                                  Restoring eyesight with eye-yoga

Is the contact lenses comfortless/uneasy? Are the eye-glasses expenses and disadvantageous? If you train your body, why don't you train your eyes-muscle? Be your own eye-specialist! Don't have your eyes operated with laser. It'll fail. Did you know? With the Dr. Bates medical eye-training the eye-muscles can be restored till the age of 99. Training with medical reference.

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Do you wish to have a lifelong convenient/easy-going life even without eye-glasses? Eye-glasses into the dust-bin! Dr. Bates eye-restoring training in groups/or individually-or even in Skype!

How can this eye-training helps you?

short eye-sight-and long eye-sight, glaucoma, plain eyes,  flat eyes, srosses eyes, strabismus, red eyes, lachrymation of eyes,  ​astigmatism, rapid eye-movement

                                                        Leírás: C:\Users\neurika\Desktop\aviva\era féarc.jpg  Erika Neudl -  EYE-Yoga trainer

contact:                                                                                                                                                                          mob.: 06 52 28 50 57  - -  SKYP: Neurika  -  face book: Erika Neudl  -   Where? Everywhere in the Netherlands, anywhere, where I'm asked  to  the total price of the training group: 89+BTW,                                            1 person: 100+BTW   :  regular setting:  Wite Tupl  Amsterdam-Noord  Parlevinker 12-14 Amsterdam  /free parking/     For those who bring 10 more participants the training is free of charge!



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