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SOULtrees - in english - exibition in Amsterdam







 I have a dream that i would like to introduce the human character as an artist and not as a teacher.

By the way of art, presenting You, Them and Me: pleasure, pain, experiment, sense and  the never ending colourful mixture of these feelings.  


 The „tree” is an exciting, wise imagery symbol, projection of inner personality. All we do is look and explain this projection.

  With the title of soul trees, we are inviting everybody for a very unique exhibition, which is founded on an original idea of mine, subtitled: psychology with the tools of art.That’s one of the reasons i moved to Amsterdam.


 A few words about the origin of the idea:

It is the tree-test from Koch. If someone draws a tree, one will put numerous information into the drawing senslessly. A hand drawed tree contains one’s past and future, personal desires, aggressiveness, affinity, mental injuries, and hundreds of other personal attributes.       

 The instructions of the original tree test says: Fold a sheet in two, than draw a tree both inner and outer side of it.

The  tree on the outer side will represent, how we would like to look in the eyes of the society,friends, neighbours (extraversion).

Inner tree will show, how we are really ’programmed’ inside,in our souls (intraversion).


All those is more complex, of course. Just like handwriting (as a graphologist, I understood that both is a shape), it might be a great help if its brought to life well.

A foreign person can be delineated in about 70-80% from his writing, 12 sheets of specific description can be written from his drawing.

 While teaching psychology and graphology i have remarked that what an astonishing interest surrounds this subject.The students were more intersted and were looking forward learning more.

One night the idea was born, as to let professional artist create such informative symbols.

Bring this subject to many more of us and have artist work on that.

Let’s make  an exhibitoin,where all kinds of trees will be displayed,such as real trees, iron trees, paintings.

 So far i have asked some well knows artist, to use their own creativity and make a few works with using this tree theme. It was a success on the exhibiton opening event and even people who never cared much about arts, have started to understand the paintings and statues and their artist behind them.Thats how important the drawnsymbol,which shows lot of „You”.

During the years, there are more and more artist have done arts with trees.

Enamel-ware, glass painting, floral tribute, oil paintings and many more subjects were exhibited, eventually 80 creations in 20 genre.

 The meaning of tree parts:

Root section: stability, basics, death, fear, sexuality, desires

Trunk section: the everydays, conflicts, sorrow, defects, the life, love, pain.

Leaves section: intellectual ways, interests, fantasy, plans, the will to learn, territory, ambition.

 When you draw a tree, each technical detail has a meaning,for example, if your tree is bent, small, or in bloom, if it smiles, screms, if there are squirrels on it, etc...At the exhibition, there will be live trees, famous vines, champagne, unique music, photograps.

In favour to realize my exhibition, i have moved from Budapest to Amsterdam.

I'm looking for any source , events, people, contacts, meetings and possibilities which can help me realize my dream.

It’s not decided yet, but i would like to do either hungarian, dutch-hungarian or international  exhibitions. Im on my way, already collected several adresses and contacts.

My slogan is:

Come with curiousity and love - we are waiting for You with curiousity and love ! 








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I was read it,
when is the next one????